Can t login to second instagram account

Yes, you can login to your second Instagram account.


How do I log back into my second Instagram account?

To log back into your second Instagram account, go to the “accounts” tab on the app and tap on the icon for the account you want to log in with. Next, enter your password and hit “Log In.”

Can you be logged into 2 Instagram accounts at the same time?

Yes, you can be logged into two Instagram accounts at the same time.

Why did my second Instagram account disappeared?

There are a few things that could happen when your Instagram account is deleted. One possibility is that you violated Instagram’s terms of service and were subsequently deleted. Another possibility is that Instagram lost your account data, so it was unable to reconstruct it. If you suspect something happened to your account, reach out to Instagram support for help recovering it.

Why can’t I access my Instagram account?

There could be many reasons why someone might not be able to access their Instagram account. Common reasons include: a username or password being incorrect, failing to update the app, or unable to connect to the service. If you cannot log in and have tried all of the common tips listed below, please reach out to Instagram support for assistance.

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Why can’t I switch Instagram accounts on computer?

Instagram does not allow users to switch accounts on a computer. To switch accounts, you would need to log in to Instagram on another device and then transfer your account information over.

What do you do if your Instagram account disappears?

If your Instagram account disappears for any reason, you can still access the images and videos you’ve posted from the past by signing in to the app and looking under ‘Account’ on the main menu.

How do I log into my second Instagram account on computer?

Log into your second account on the computer by going to and clicking on “Sign In.” Enter your username and password for your first account, and click “Log In.”

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