Can’t accept follow request on instagram

There isn’t a specific answer to this question because Instagram allows users to follow anyone they want. However, if you don’t want someone to be able to follow you back on Instagram, please disable the following feature: “Followers can see all your posts and photos even if you don’t follow them.” You can do this by going to your profile settings and unchecking the checkbox next to “followback everyone.”


How many Instagram requests can I accept in a day?

You can accept up to 20 Instagram requests in a day.

How do I accept follow requests on Instagram 2020?

There is a dedicated follow button on the “Follow” tab of an individual’s profile on Instagram. Additionally, users can swipe left or right to accept or decline new follow requests.

How do I accept a follow request on Instagram?

To accept a follow request on Instagram, you will first need to open the app and search for the user who made the request. Once you’ve found them, tap on their profile picture and select “Follow.”

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How can I see my pending requests on Instagram?

You can see your pending requests on Instagram by going to “Settings” and scrolling down until you see the option to “View pending requests.”

How do I see pending follow requests on Instagram 2022?

To see pending follow requests on Instagram in your account, open the app and select “Followers.” At the top of this page, underlined in green, you’ll see “Pending Follow Requests.” Tap this to view all of these requests and decide whether or not you want to follow each person. If a request looks interesting to you, tap it to follow them.

How do I accept someone’s follow request?

If you want to accept someone’s follow request, simply send them a message acknowledging it and give them the following details: your Twitter handle, the number of followers they will be receiving, and when their followers will be transferred.

Why Instagram Follow Button Not Working?

Instagram follow button not working may be due to a host of reasons like an outdated or ineffective Instagram plugin, problems with your browser or connectivity, or even your Instagram account being disabled. If you’re having difficulty getting the button to work, try clearing your cache and cookies on your browser, reinstalling the plugin, and verifying that you have the latest version of Instagram.

Why do follow requests disappear on Instagram?

Some users delete their follow requests to followers on Instagram for a variety of reasons. Some people may feel that they are not getting enough engagement from the followers and choose to remove them as a way to increase communication. Additionally, some users may want their followers to only see content from specific entities, such as brands or accounts with large following numbers, and removing follow requests can help with this.

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Can you get banned for unfollowing on Instagram?

Yes, you can get banned for unfollowing on Instagram.

How can I see my pending friend requests?

If you want to see the number of pending friend requests, go to your Facebook profile and click on the “Friends” tab. There you will see a list of all the people who have sent you a request.

Can you take back a request on Instagram?

No, you cannot “take back” a request on Instagram.

How do you delete a pending request on Instagram?

You can delete a pending request on Instagram by going to your account settings and then selecting the “requests” tab. From here, you can select the request you want to delete, and click the “delete” button.

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