Why can’t i comment on instagram live

Instagram doesn’t allow comments on live broadcasts.


How do you comment on Instagram live?

If you are viewing a live Instagram post, there are two ways to comment. You can either use the app’s built-in comment feature or type out a comment on a separate screen and then share that comment with your friends.

Why can’t I comment on live?

Some reasons why you may not be able to comment on live include: you are not logged in, your account has been blocked for violating our commenting policy, or you are currently browsing the site from a country that is not allowed to participate in comments. If you believe that you are unable to comment because of an accidental error on our part, please email [email protected] with your account name and the timestamp of the incident.

Why can’t I post comments on Instagram?

Some devices that Instagram support do not permit HTML or JavaScript code to be posted in comments, which may prevent them from appearing.

How come I cant comment on Facebook Live?

Your account may be temporarily blocked for commenting on Facebook Live due to offensive or harmful statements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Can you get banned from Instagram for commenting?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it can vary depending on the severity of the comment and who it is directed at. In general, however, most comments that could be considered inflammatory or rude are likely to get you banned from Instagram.

How do I fix my comment block on Instagram?

If you’re experiencing an issue where comments are not loading on your Instagram account, there are a few steps that you can take to fix the block. Firstly, make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings. Secondly, try using a different browser or clearing your cache and history. Finally, if all of these fails and you still cannot comment on posts or messages, it may be necessary to contact Instagram support for assistance.

Why can’t I reply to comments on my Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to reply to comments on other people’s posts.

How do I turn off comment replies on Instagram?

There is no definitive way to completely stop comment replies on Instagram, but you can limit the number of comments that appear in ads and stories. You can do this by disabling comments for specific ad accounts or Stories campaigns, or by turning off comments on an individual post or photo. Additionally, you can mute certain users who are regularly commenting inappropriately on your posts.

How do you remove comments on Instagram live as a viewer on Iphone?

If you are a viewer of Instagram live and someone posts something in your comment section, then you can’t remove the comment. If you are the person posting the comment, then you can delete it.

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