Why can’t i see most recent followers on instagram

Instagram has a feature where you can see “most recent followers” only if you have over 100,000 followers. If you have less than 100,000 followers, Instagram will show you the “average number of followers per post” instead.


Why can’t I see someone’s most recent followers on Instagram?

There may be a reason why you can’t see someone’s most recent followers on Instagram. Popular social media platforms like Instagram are constantly updating their algorithms so that new followers are less easily visible to users, unless they explicitly follow the person again. This is often done in order to reward hard work and commitment by promoting people who have been following the platform for some time instead of just filling up a user’s follower count quickly.

How do you see who someone most recently followed on Instagram 2020?

On Instagram, you can see who is following you most recently by going to your profile and clicking on the “Following” tab at the top. From there, you can see all of the people that you are following.

How do you see who someone recently followed on Instagram 2021?

If you follow someone on Instagram and have the app open on your phone, then you can see who they recently followed.

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Does Instagram show followers in order?

The answer to this question is yes. Instagram does show followers in order.

How does Instagram order following list?

Instagram orders following list based on the amount of mutual followings between users. The more followers a user has, the higher their profile will rank in search results and the more likely they are to be followed by other users.

How can you see someones activity on Instagram?

It is possible to see someone’s activity on Instagram by going to their profile and clicking “Activity”. This will show you everything that has been shared from that account recently, as well as any new posts.

How can you see someones private Instagram followers?

There is no direct way to view someone’s private Instagram followers without their consent. However, it may be possible to view someone’s public Instagram profile followers by searching for their username and viewing the list of followers that are listed under “Following.” Additionally, it may also be possible to access this information through a third-party tool or website that offers access to users’ publicly available social media data.

Is there an app to see someone’s activity on Instagram?

There is not an app that specifically shows someone’s activity on Instagram. However, there are several apps that provide a wide range of features and services, including social media management, photo editing, and filtering tools.

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