Why can’t i see my post on instagram

There may be a problem with your Instagram account. Please contact Instagram for help.


Why I can’t see my posts on Instagram?

There could be a few potential causes for this. One possibility is that you may not have set Instagram to send your posts automatically. To enable this:
1. Open Instagram on your phone or computer.
2. Go to your account settings and under “Posting,” select “Send posts automatically.” If you already have this setting enabled, make sure it’s selected in the dropdown menu next to “Enabled.”

Why is Instagram hiding my posts?

According to Instagram’s Help Center, “Private posts will be less likely to appear in suggestion feeds and search results because they don’t reflect the public content on the platform.”

How do I see my posts on Instagram?

To see your posts on Instagram, go to the account’s profile page and click on the “Posts” tab. From there, you can view all of your past posts in a chronological order. You can also see which accounts have liked or commented on a post, as well as view photos that have been shared from other users who follow you.

What is shadow ban on Instagram?

Shadow banning is the act of removing someone from seeing or commenting on their posts without notifying them. This can be done to hide offensive, harmful, or illegal content from being seen by the person Shadow Banning.

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Why doesn’t Instagram show my posts to all my followers?

There could be a few reasons why Instagram might not be showing your posts to all of your followers. First, it’s possible that they’ve been flagged as spam or irrelevant by the community. Alternatively, if you only have a small following on Instagram, some of these followers may not have access to see your posts.

Does Instagram shadowban go away?

There is no definite answer to this question. Instagram may shadowban users for various reasons, but it is always possible for the platform to remove that ban if the user makes changes that improve their account’s behavior.

Why are my Instagram likes so low?

There could be a few reasons why your Instagram likes are low. One possibility is that you might not be using best practices when it comes to marketing on Instagram. For example, you might not be sharing high-quality photos, and you might not be promoting your account regularly. Additionally, if your account is inactive for an extended period of time, the number of Likes it receives will decrease over time. Finally, some factors that can influence whether or not someone Likes a post include their personal interests and relationship with the person posting the content.

Why can’t I see all my posts on Instagram 2021?

There could be a few reasons why you’re unable to see all of your posts on Instagram in 2021. One possibility is that they may have been removed for some reason, such as if they were not relevant or infringing on the platform’s terms of service. Additionally, it’s possible that you are not following the correct accounts and/or hashtags for your content to appear in searches. Finally, if you’ve changed your password or username, those changes may have impacted how Instagram displays your posts.

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